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About us

Using a smart phone constantly throughout the day makes one come to the realization that it would run out of power very fast while using GPS navigation, stopping to take pictures, surfing the web, using apps, making phone calls, watching videos and listening to music. The possibility of attaching an external battery to a phone and any similar USB device to extend its runtime then becomes apparent. That’s how Solarcycle was founded. 

After learning how to use 3D printers, one of my friends asked if there was such a thing as a USB soldering iron and I said that I had instructions to build one, but the battery was external. I then realized that I could create my own case design on a 3D printer and put the battery, charge controller, and other parts inside as one single unit! It worked and was named Solderdoodle!

Click the image to view the Open Source instructions on how to build a Solderdoodle.

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