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Solderdoodle Plus Relaunched!

We've just relaunched Solderdoodle Plus, which is a cordless all-in-one soldering iron, 3D print finishing tool, and wood burning tool. Twice as powerful as the original Solderdoodle, it features constant 10 Watts of adjustable power with touch control and LED status indicators. Safety features include a sleep mode that disables the unit when not in use, low battery warning, and a dual-cell battery charge controller.

Included with this campaign is a new Spade Tip, which can make holes wider in plastic, and a Wood Burning Tip.

For existing Solderdoodle owners, the new Spade Tip and Wood Burning Tip can be yours by backing the Accessory Only reward, which includes a set of the original Solderdoodle tips.

Feel free to check it out here on Kickstarter and thanks for your support:

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