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Solderdoodle Plus 100% Funded in Less than 24 Hours!

Thanks to your support, we reached over 100% of the funding goal for the relaunch of Solderdoodle Plus in less than 24 hours! I can't wait to hit the ground running and and go in to production once the campaign ends! Let's replace those pesky corded soldering irons by clicking the link below!

Feel free to spread the word to friends and family and message me about Solderdoodle Plus technical questions, live stream requests, or feedback on product features. More backers means more funds available to improve the design and refine the user experience.

Thanks again for all your support not only for Solderdoodle Plus but also for any other projects of mine that you may have backed in these past years!

Solderdoodle Plus was just featured on Hackaday, Geekey-Gadgets, and!


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